Dresses You Can Eat?

For as long as I can remember I have always liked things that are over the top – loud, in your face, brassy things.  I never quite knew why or where this came from, but I have come to understand this about myself. So naturally my tastes in all things also became loud and brassy too.  I love abstract art, loud music, tattoos and pin up girls, for example. I love outspoken women, and I have a soft spot for overdone Hollywood blondes. I also love fashion, and the more outrageous and over the top the better. Betsy Johnson, Alexander McQueen, or Viktor & Rolf for example; I’m a sucker for obnoxiously high heels, haute couture gowns and of course glitter. The more glitter the better. One can never have too much glitter I say.

So how does this tie in with being a baker? Well, it ties in like this: several months back, as I was roaming about online I came across a site that blew my mind. The site was Wedding Inspirasi, and on it I found a wedding dress designer the likes of which I have never seen. Her name is Stella de Libero. The dresses were so over the top that I’ve become obsessed with looking at them every day. The colours and the style spoke to my inner fashion diva/brassy broad, and I was in love. But every time I looked at these works of art, I kept thinking, “My God that gown would make an awesome cake!”  So with the help of a few friends who allowed me to “create” cakes for them, I came up with my own designs inspired by these gowns and ended up with a few pretty cool cakes.

Check them out in my new Couture Cake gallery!