This Chick’s Favourite Wedding Cake Trends

Well it is official. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally gotten engaged.  And I have to admit, I am really looking forward to seeing what their wedding day will look like. What will her dress look like, what colours will we see pop up, will it be formal or casual, but most of all, and spoken like a true cake designer, what will their cake look like?! Will this wedding have flash and bling, or will it be quiet and understated? I think with this couple it could go either way. I mean there is definitely a true Hollywood power couple side to Brangelina, but then there is a close knit family side that you we get to see from time to time. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing at all unfold.

Now whether you are waiting for a Hollywood wedding or looking forward to your own special day, there is no shortage of cakes designs and colour palettes to choose from this year, and I’m loving them all!

Here are a few of This Chick’s favourites!

The first cake trend to pop up, or I suppose make it’s return is more accurate, is thanks to Kate Middleton and Prince William and their royal wedding cake. We are definitely seeing a return to more vintage cakes in tones of creams and ivory with touches of gold and ornate details here and there. And heavy on the piping too please! These lovely tone on tone cakes make an elegant statement and quite honestly what bride doesn’t want to feel like a princess on her wedding day?

Another great trend is having multiple wedding cakes.  A lot of brides are opting to do these “sets” of cakes rather than having just one big stacked cake. I think this is a ton of fun and it gives a bride the option to have a few different cake designs while still staying within the theme and colours of her wedding, and they can be done anyway your heart desires. You can have all single tier cakes, or opt to have a few smaller stacked cakes mixed in. No matter which way you decide to lay out your cakes they will be a definite conversation piece at your wedding.

But by far, one of the funkiest and most fun cakes to pop up is “Naked Cakes.” Naked cakes are these crazy cakes that have all the fillings and flowers and decoration of your typical wedding cake, minus the fondant. Well minus a cover period! So what you end up with is this awesome cake that is just letting it all hang out. Filling and all! And what’s more it really gives the cake designer some room to get creative. These cakes are just fun, and all the while still managing to have a simple elegance to them. I love these cakes, they break all the rules of what wedding cakes should look like and you should break a few rules now and then! ;)

And while we are on the topic of breaking rules, cake flavours are changing too. Brides are becoming more daring and wanting to wow their guests with unique or exotic flavor combinations. Although vanilla cake still stands as a wedding cake staple, brides are also picking bold flavours that are not typically “wedding” flavours. I have done my share of peanut butter, chocolate chili or Chai Tea flavoured cakes lately and I think it just adds to the drama of the day.

So with all these new cake flavor and design trends I would be remiss not to mention all the great colour combinations popping up this season too. Shocking red paired with royal purple, soft peach and pink, pastels, bold and bright, the sky’s the limit. Really with all the colour and design choices out there these days brides can really set themselves apart from the crowd. Making a statement has never been so fun!