Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Especially when you can get them in This Chick Makes Cakes delicious cake and buttercream flavours!

Mini Cupcakes
Just like their big brother, these mini bites of goodness are available in all This Chick Makes Cakes flavours.

Each scrumptious cookie is covered in a delectable homemade fondant that can be designed to match any special event!

Sugar Buttons
These sweet little cookies are too delicious to have just one! Each adorable Sugar Button is topped with a yummy buttercream rosette that can be done in any colour, allowing you to mix and match to your theme.

Other Goodies:
Lace Pops
Rice Treat Pops
Dipped Cookies
Peanut Butter Balls
Ganache Pops
Cake Pops
Dipped Licorice
Cupcake ‘n Candy Wine Glasses

Pricing available on request